Stopped In Our Tracks

Stopped In Our Tracks

Stories of U.G. In India from the Notebooks of K. Chandrasekhar
Translated and Edited by J.S.R.L. Narayana Moorty
 2d/3d Series


It Is Bound to Affect the Whole of Human Consciousness  ·  Thinking Is the Problem  ·  You Are That Movement of Thought  ·  The Courage to Be Yourself  ·  Questioning the Movement of Thought  ·  Birth and Death  ·  Basic Needs  ·  Discover Your Own Path Rejecting All Others  ·  Silence Is Brahman  ·  Thinking Cannot Solve Your Problems  ·  Beauty  ·  Philosophy of Life  ·  You Will Never Know a Jivanmukta  ·  This Has No Religious Content  ·  Selflessness  ·  This Is Not an Experience  ·  It Is a Molecular Activity in the Brain Cells  ·  Sensitivity and Total Attention  ·  Religion Is Filth  ·  You Cannot Be Aware  ·  The Purpose of My Conversation  ·  The Knowledge You Have About the Mind Is the Mind  ·  Wanting Is Thinking  ·  Monkeys Who Sit Around the Red Ocher  ·  Burning of Thought Is Energy  ·  There Is Nothing to Do  ·  On Art and Artists  ·  Your Life is Centered Around Eating  ·  "Be Selfish and Stay Selfish" Is My Message  ·  Divine Despair—an Involvement  ·  Your Approach  ·  They Interest Me  ·  You Are Very Safe, You Can't Blast Me  ·  You Don't Want This  ·  Why Do I Talk?  ·  Why Stop the Past?  ·  It's Meaningless to Ask the Meaning of Life  ·  Samskara  ·  Conditioning Is Intelligence  ·  Belief  ·  Morality  ·  Religious Business  ·  Cultures Create a Lopsided Situation  ·  Pleasure and Pain  ·  Falling Asleep  ·  Bliss and the Body  ·  Deep Sleep and Turiya  ·  You Have to Be Saved from the Very Idea That You Have to Be Saved  ·  When You Know Nothing  ·  Experiencing the Body  ·  Who Is Crazy?  ·  About God and Prayers  |  Editor's Note  ·  Who Is This U.G.?  ·  Introduction  ·  Chalam  ·  Sri Sripada Gopalakrishnamurti  ·  Vazir Rahman  ·  A Bonfire  ·  Why Did This U.G. Happen to Me?  ·  U.G. Arrives In Bangalore  ·  You Put Me On a Pedestal  ·  David Barry  ·  Brahmachariji Brings the Brahmajnani  ·  Where Is the Glow In My Face?  ·  U.G. Took Away My Tiredness  ·  Brahmachariji and U.G.  ·  Brahmachariji Invites U.G.  ·  U.G.'s First Visit to Brahmachariji's 'Cave'  ·  There Is No Moksha, No Jivanmukti and No Atman  ·  The Questioner Is the Question  ·  I Report On U.G. to Chalam's Family  ·  Dr. Desiraju  ·  First Visit to Madras  ·  Meeting With the Shankaracharya of Sringeri  ·  Coffee Estate Guesthouse In Chikkamagaluru  ·  The Natural State Is Being Able to Act Efficiently  ·  The Basis of All Relationships Is the Same: What Will I Get?  ·  Dr. Prabhu  ·  Sastri Sadan In Bangalore—Viswanath  ·  If Not Moksha, At Least a Transistor—Krishna Bhagavatar  ·  If I Don't Torture You, Who Will?—Kalyani  ·  Meeting New Friends—Indian Institute of World Culture  ·  Kumar, U.G.'s Son  ·  A Sardarji's Palm Reading  ·  Consider Me As Part of the Furniture—Nagaraj  ·  You Are the Only One Who Gives What I Need Free of Charge—Rochaldas Schroff  ·  That Krishna and This Krishna Say the Same Things—the Swami of Udipi  ·  B. L. Narayan  ·  Sitaramayya—U.G.'s Father  ·  Shanta of the Oasis School  ·  Swami Poornanada Tirtha  ·  Jnanasram and Jnanachakravarti  ·  No Difference Between an Ashram and a Brothel  ·  Chamundeswari Temple  ·  Dr. Kameswari  ·  This Is Not the Time and Place to Die—Kodai  ·  Get Lost—Vision of J.K.  ·  Kusuma—U.G.'s Wife  ·  Valentine de Kerven  ·  Appendix  ·  Do What You Can and Forget All About It  ·  My Actions Are Not Run By My Thoughts  ·  Kangaroos and Baskets Full of Avocados  ·  One Machine Gun Will Wipe You All Out  ·  Keeping a Promise—a Rose for Aruna  ·  Praise and Blame Are the Same to a True Sage  ·  Going Public  ·  Keeping Your Rules to Yourself Is Part of Wisdom  ·  No Prior Appointments  ·  If She Gives Me This House, I Will Turn It Into a Brothel  ·  There Is a Lot to be Done By the Body—You Cannot Die!  ·  Why Is the Moth Attracted to the Flame?  ·  Dr. Sriramachandra Murty, U.G.'s Brother  ·  The Aquarian Age—Mr. Raju  ·  You and I Are Stray Dogs  ·  The Body's Functioning Is Opposed to This Pleasure Movement  ·  Before the Body Goes, God Must Die  ·  It Will Not Do to Give Them Away to Your Neighbors  ·  What If the Husband Dies After Marriage?  ·  Isn't It a Registered Marriage?  ·  Am I Not Better Than Rama?  ·  Why Should You Become a Victim of Infamy?  ·  I Said to the Sages: Drown and Never Rise Again  ·  He Did Not Utter a Sentence to Comfort Her  ·  Childhood Memories  ·  I Used to Do Astral Travel, Too  ·  Two Acres and Freedom  ·  The Getup Is Nice  ·  The Body Is Like an Animal  ·  How Did I Come Into This World?  ·  The Four Aims of Life  ·  All My Ambitions Have Crumbled—Vinod  ·  My Touch Will Multiply Life  ·  Final Message: Drop Dead  ·  If Einstein Were Here Right Now, I Could Shut Him Up In One Minute  ·  If the House Has Cobras, It's Even More Acceptable  ·  Either You Kill Me Or I'll Kill You  ·  I Tried to Skip My Own Wedding  ·  What Good Is It to Have All Those Lines?  ·  Didn't You Say My Vibrations Were Horrible?  ·  You Also Feel the Vibes of the Place  ·  Because You Drank the Coffee, Your Ancestors Are Gratified  ·  All Sounds Are the Same  ·  I Am Only Speaking From a Practical Point of View  ·  In Conclusion  ·  Footnotes  ·  Press

My Approach

I am not a thinker in the sense in which the word is used. In fact, I have been pointing out to those that come to listen to me that man's problems cannot be solved through thinking. There is no question of the world's problems being solved by the thinking of anybody. This is the essence of my communication to those that come to listen to me. At the same time, I point out that it is also not possible to communicate because no communication is possible and no communication is necessary.

So how do I go about this funny way? By making people realize that they cannot solve their problems through thinking. They are suffering and the suffering must come to an end. How can man put an end to his suffering? Naturally, it runs counter to all traditional approaches, both the Indian and Western religious approaches, and also the modern approaches, the psychologists. And through conversation and communication we try to understand that it is really not possible to understand or communicate what I am saying.

In other words, my objective in carrying on the conversation is to silence, in a way, and put them in a state of silence. And in that silence something can probably happen, and will certainly happen, that's all.

So I try to meet their arguments. They come with preconceived ideas, concepts and ideals, and then try to argue and debate with me. My approach is to suggest a counterargument and thereby neutralize their argumentative approach to the problem. This is all I do.

We all talk of the mind. The religious thinkers, the psychologists—all talk of the mind. So every individual has to discover for himself, by himself and without relying on any authority, be it religious, scientific or psychological. It has to be your discovery, otherwise it has no value.

The state of being I am describing is a state where there is no effort at all. I am just a mirror here reflecting things exactly.